Programs that further the interests of our clients

A qualified team with depth and experience

As a full service PR agency, our work extends across numerous sectors in sensitive, issue-rich environments.

Our promise is to implement strategies specifically tailored to the needs and circumstances of our clients, and to deliver projects on time and on budget, with instructive insights for future programs.

We take the time to research and consider the reality of the market place, and then recommend programs that resonate across the range of stakeholders customers and communities.

We offer a high value proposition for our clients with many strategic advantages:

  • a team of senior qualified consultants with 30 years’ experience
  • high level advice and support
  • strategic methodology with proven results
  • capabilities that come with significant achievements
  • year-round 24/7 at-call service
  • competitive rates and high value outcomes
  • resources to handle large complex programs and smaller one-off projects.

Graphic design and advertising, print, film, photography, events and exhibition, web editing, design and technical support augment the depth of our public relations services.


The following offers some examples and further information in regard to various government, non-for profit and commercial programs:

GRS Communications is also a member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s Registered Consultancy Group, and a multi-award winning agency.

Initial enquiries and discussions are welcome:

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  • Email: