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Corporate Affairs Services for Associations & Not-for-profits

We provide corporate affairs and public relations services for associations and not-for-profits organisations including government relations, media relations, marketing, stakeholder relations and member engagement.

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Corporate affairs strategy development

Our corporate affairs strategies are based on sound research and data and include:

  • desktop data collection and analysis
  • client workshops and discussions
  • market and stakeholder appraisal
  • qualitative and quantitative research
  • surveys and focus groups, and
  • project documentation and implementation plans.

Corporate & government relations

We deliver a high level of political currency in order to affect policy and regulatory reforms:

  • meetings and other forms of direct advocacy
  • Ministerial and senior bureaucrat briefings and issues papers
  • policy advisor engagement
  • high level articles in bulletins, newsletters and journals
  • budget, consultation and policy inquiry submissions
  • media statements and backgrounders
  • VIP events and engagements.

Media relations

Our media programs are strategic, proactive and opportunistic:

  • media training and skills development
  • issues monitoring and rapid response
  • positive news stories and promotions
  • media releases, statements and backgrounders
  • news release distribution and analysis
  • securing Ministerial and VIP support
  • launches and events.

Public and stakeholder relations

We build cooperation and lower the potential for emergent conflict involving:

  • digital PR and communications
  • industry news and articles, e-bulletins and positioning statements
  • proactive participation in industry forums, discussions and consultations
  • development of industry manuals and guides
  • stakeholder database compilation and management.

Member Engagement

We help our clients become the first choice industry group using such tactics as:

  • member issues communications and management
  • industry and general media promotions
  • conferences and events marketing
  • writing and publishing journals, newsletters, bulletins and brochures
  • special and VIP events
  • advocacy and promotional skills development
  • sponsorship recruitment and support.

Initial enquiries and discussions are welcome: 61 3 9478 5224 or info@grscom.com.au


GRS Director, Glenn Schaube, is the immediate past Chair of the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA).

He is a Director of NASAA Certified Organic and previously served on the Board of the Organic Retailers and Growers Association Australia (ORGAA) for four years.