Ecorecycle Victoria Community Education

In a previous role, GRS Director Glenn Schaube developed and managed the strategic direction of EcoRecycle Victoria’s communications, marketing and education programs across a complex range of stakeholders, namely:

  • Ministerial and advisors liaison in regard to issues and publicity opportunities
  • a variety of integrated resource management and waste reduction education programs across numerous sectors of Victoria’s community state-wide advertising campaigns
  • board stakeholder relationship programs
  • media activities involving the Minister, board and the CEO
  • website content management
  • annual reports and over 150 waste marketing communications brochures, booklets and manuals.

This included promoting recycling and improved waste management for EcoRecycle Victoria throughout Victoria by:

  • conducting ten ‘Community Compass’ public forums throughout regional and metropolitan Victoria providing the opportunity to discuss community interests and concerns about recycling, litter and waste reduction. The forums were launched by the Victorian Minister for Environment and Conservation and the Community Compass provided input into planning and advancing future programs.
  • organising annual ‘Close the Loop Tours’ that enabled industry stakeholders to learn more about the latest developments in waste management and resource recovery, providing a valuable contribution to industry education.