Engage your readers

Engage your readers

GRS Communications publishes a variety of hard copy and digital commercial books, publications; reading books and novels.

These services involve:

  • copy writing
  • editing and proofing
  • graphic design
  • advanced digital photography
  • pre-press and printing.

Published novels and reading book

‘The World Without—Last Days of the Koonung’, was published as an EBook and in hard copy formats.

Last Days of the Koonung is a rip roaring, fast-paced adventure characterised by evocative imagery, positive values and original themes.

Appealing to the imagination of readers aged 8 to 12, the story is set on Melbourne’s urban fringe where nature and city collide. It is here that Adam and Tom are persuaded by Adam’s older brother to climb the gigantic tree that grows in Edgars Valley. Unknowingly, they cross the Gateway into the fourth dimension, ‘The World Without’, a beautiful land where the power of life is richer and greater than anything that exists in our world.

However, a decade’s long conflict rages between the long-suffering Marou and tormented Fras who were recreated as lesser beings during the Diminishing; a catastrophic event brought on by Adam’s father when he was a boy. The Diminishing has left the Fras deformed and the Marou lessened in power and stature.

Support for independent authors

For independent authors, publishing and marketing their book is like finding your way through the Amazon Forest, but with guidance and support, it is possible. Simply publishing your book may be enough reward in itself.

We also offer a range of support services, from simply locating and working through the DIY packages available on line, to assisting with marketing and material preparation, editing, proofing, cover design, and graphics for ePub and hard copy publishing and printing; as well as including your book in online catalogues for wider distribution.

Corporate publications

We specialise in making the complex simple and audience-focussed.

  • Our offline and online corporate books and resources engage readers, amplify key messages, and enhance awareness, understanding and motivation. These include:
  • prospectuses and information booklets
  • annual reports, strategic plans and year books
  • tenders and new business pitches
  • user manuals and product guides
  • marketing booklets and brochures
  • SEO and website authoring
  • speeches and presentations.