Australian Association of Massage Therapy (AAMT)

“The AAMT’s return on investment from our relationship with GRS Communications has been immeasurable, with excellence in submissions, member and key stakeholder communications including media…”

Tricia Hughes , CEO’s Report, AAMT Annual Report 2012-2013.

About the Program

GRS Communications is under contract to assist the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) in furthering its interest through government relations and communications activities.

As part of the 2012 May Budget the Federal Government announced a review of the Private Health Insurance Rebate (PHIR) for Natural Therapies commencing on July 1, 2012.

The goal of the program was to ensure that decision-makers are fully informed about the body of evidence supporting the inclusion of various massage therapies in the new PHIR and that they understand the recommendations and rationale put forward by the AAMT.

The success of the program has seen the AAMT Board broaden the focus to include a range of issues related to government policy and the sectors operating environment.

This includes:

  • rebates and support programs
  • professional development further education
  • registration, monitoring, training and accreditation
  • research and research funding
  • integration with mainstream health sector

Specific activities involve assisting the AAMT with the targeted delivery of such communications as are deemed necessary involving:

  • ongoing policy monitoring, management, advice and response program
  • providing, strategic support and advice to AAMT representatives who attend government meetings or are involved in media interviews.
  • writing and editing government submissions, briefing and background information.
  • indentifying current and emergent media issues and distributing tailored statements.
  • distributing high value information directly to key stakeholder through various E-Communication facilities.
  • arranging and attending with AAMT representatives, meetings with Ministers, their advisors and department heads and policy advisors.
  • assisting with other PR and communications activities involving newsletters, events, blogs, speeches and sponsorships etc in regards to government and related activities.