Credibility – the foundation of positive reputation and image management.

For associations, not-for-profits, SMEs and large business, managing your credibility is where reputation management starts.

You can check the credibility of your organisation by answering  the following eight questions honestly:

  1. High expertise – What are we good at, what is our expertise?
  2. Consistency – Are our implicit and explicit messages sound and congruous with our expertise?
  3. Do we do what we say, or do we create false impressions and unrealistic expectation, and not deliver on these promises?
  4. Conviction – Do we have passion and believe in what we are doing and selling?
  5. Respect – Do we actively listen and care about the things that are important to our customers and communities?
  6. Honesty – Do we avoid hidden agendas, misinformation and withholding information in order to make a sale?
  7. Follow through – Do we back up our words with actions?
  8. Evidence – Do we substantiate our claims and statements with facts?
  9. Care – Are we generous and so we show that we care about our people, customers and communities through our actions and words?
  10. If, after answering these questions honestly, you are still unsure, ask this simple question – Would I buy from or engage with my organisation if I could avoid it?

If there are doubts, get a working party together and ask why. The answers will usually tell you where to start.

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